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Praise and Regular Monitoring of Knowledge to Test Individual Progress Essay

Praise and Regular Monitoring of Knowledge to Test Individual Progress in Learning English - Essay Example The key differences between the earliest and subsequent linguistic learning are apparent. First language learning is a natural process that allows children to acquire and extend the linguistic comprehension of their environment. However, second language learning is a deliberate pursuit, in which mature individuals partake for many reasons. Moreover, children who learn their first language have a natural advantage. For instance, these children acquire their first language using their intuition through a Language Acquisition Device (LAD). Variably, mature individuals have no second chance of learning a language in a natural manner.Consequently, learning the first language is part of a child’s cognitive maturity, which enables the youngster to acquire syntax in an unconscious manner. However, by the time an individual seeks to learn a succeeding language, the individual learns the syntax in a conscious manner. Instead, they have to embrace extra unnatural techniques in order to a cquire competence in their second language. In addition, the first language facilitates the ability of its learners to focus on advanced levels of grammaticality in second language learning. Therefore, subsequent language learners have the ability to manipulate their understanding of grammar using the competency of their first language.Consequently, the dissimilarity between the two languages emanates from the fact that there is more time spent on learning the foremost language because children learn through constant imitation. The learning of a second language takes a shorter time because, during that time, the mature individual has exemplary mastery skills. Moreover, in the first language learning, there is guaranteed access to native speakers. Consequently, these native speakers influence the quick mastery of the language. There is no guarantee of native speakers in the learning of the second language. According to Towel and Hawkins, first language learning has close links with a child’s genetic setup while the second language has no such ties (92).

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Advertising Agency Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Advertising Agency - Essay Example To create a successful advertising campaign to stimulate consumer interest, target groups, objectives, campaign communication and expectations, along with communication strategy must be considered for both companies.The target group for the first, smaller company is sportsmen who use food supplements as part of their regimen. The objective of the campaign is to increase sales to such sportsmen through the specialized selling shop, sales representatives, and over the internet. The advertisement should communicate to sportsmen that the food supplements sold by the small company are necessary for increased sports performance. The expectation of this advertising campaign is that sales will increase through the positive message about food supplements from this particular company. The company is small, therefore, the communication strategy is limited only by the company's advertising budget. Internet "ad banners' and small magazine advertisements in sportsmen magazines is a strategic and c ost effective way to successfully market this small company's food supplements.The target group for the second company, a large, multinational organisation is a wide variety of consumers, as this company's main staple is detergent. The objective of the campaign is to increase sales by keeping the company's detergent on the minds of consumers. The advertisement should communicate to all consumers that the detergent sold is superior to other detergents on the market. The expectation of this advertising campaign is that sales and demand will increase for the company's detergent. The company is large, and therefore, has a large advertising budget, so a mass media campaign will be continued, over the internet, broadcast media, and print media. Certain techniques are used by advertising agencies and/or advertisement producers to promote creative ideas, which include "formulating advertisement objectives; designing an advertising budget; making creative decisions; choosing a media strategy and evaluating the advertisement" (Shank, 2001, p. 325). Advertisement objectives are usually categorized as either direct or indirect. Direct ad objectives, such as advertising to end user consumers and sales promotion advertising, are designed to stimulate action among consumers of a certain type of product. On the other hand, indirect objectives create consumer awareness and provide information to consumers. After each objective has been determined, budgets are considered for the ad campaign. "Budget techniques such as competitive parity, objective and task, arbitrary allocation, and percentage of sales are commonly used by advertisers" (Shank, p. 325). The next step is to make the creative decisions that will identify the ideas and the concepts that will be used in the advertisement. In order to develop the concept for the ad, benefits of the product must be identified, ad appeals are designed, and ad execution decisions are made. Next, a media strategy is formed, including decisions about what medium for advertisement will be most effective and target the market consumer. Finally, the ad is evaluated to determine whether it will fulfill its purpose of increased awareness and sales. Task B Another method of understanding target groups, the core message of the advertisement, communication, and art elements of the advertisement is to observe two (2) examples of advertising campaigns. The first ad is for Calgon, a water softener that is touted to protect washing machines from sediment build up. The second is for Aquila, a mineral water that releases harmful chemicals from the body with every sip.

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Lord of the Flies & To Kill a Mockingbird Essay Example for Free

Lord of the Flies To Kill a Mockingbird Essay John Quincy Adams once said â€Å"Always stand on your principle, even if you stand alone†. The two novels To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee and Lord of the Flies by William Golding, can greatly relate to this quote. The characters that are portrayed in both novels can really relate to one another in terms of the theme in the quote. Also the books themselves share similar themes and moral lessons. Atticus Finch from to kill a mocking bird is a character that plays a father; he is a strong role model and leader. Atticus is a wise man; he learns and teaches moral lessons to his children. Even though the odds are against his favor he still stands by his principle. Someone who can relate to Atticus Finch is Ralph from Lord of the flies. Ralph is a character in Lord of the flies that shows a great deal of leadership just like Atticus he stands by his principle and does whatever is right. Scout from to kill a mocking bird, is the daughter of Atticus Finch, she has very many opportunities to stand but her principle but she is rarely heard. But even though she is not really heard she takes initiative as much as possible. Piggy from Lord of the flies can relate to Scout, Piggy has so much potential to do more than he is capable of. Although Piggy always seems to find a way to get his ideas heard and recognized. Another comparison between the two novels is Miss Maudie and Simon because they are such honest people and that is one of their principles. Ralph and Atticus Finch both portray their characters as role models and leaders; Ralph in particular is a leader that does everything and stays with his accusations to prove that he is doing the right thing. The lord of the flies takes place on a deserted island after a dramatic plane crash and the only survivors are a bunch of little boys. Their first decision is to vote on a leader, the boys all chose Ralph as their leader. At the beginning of the novel, Ralph was leader, but when his followers decided to abandon him he stayed with his beliefs. He can relate to this quote because Ralph was standing on his principle even though he was alone. His friends chose to become savage beast and hunt, while Ralph stayed pure and civilized he showed that he knew his moral and stands up for what he believes in. Ralph comes across trouble thought when hes friends doubt his ideas and suggestions. When his friends turned his back on him, he still decided to stick to his ideas and his plan to be rescued and in the end it was worth it because they were saved. Another person that could relate to Ralph would be Atticus finch in To Kill a Mockingbird. Like Ralph, Atticus is another strong leader and independent leader, but in the novel To kill a mockingbird. Atticus relates to John Quincy Adams quote because Atticus fights for what he believes in, which is exactly what John Quincy Adams is meant by standing by your own principle. Atticus Finch plays a Father in working as a lawyer in the novel, but he lives in a time of discrimination and prejudice. A part of the story is when Atticus is appointed to defend Tom Robinson; a black man that was accused of raping a white woman. Atticus knows that the jury will be prejudice and that there is a slim chance that Tom Robinson will win the case. Even though he knows this information he still does everything in his power to defend Tom. Atticus says that he has nothing but pity for the jury and that he is disappointed that there society is like this (Lee 213). Atticus is a character that truly does stand by his principle and shows respect and leadership. Ralph and Atticus can relate to each other because they have similar characteristics and stand by their principles. Piggy is a character from Lord of the Flies that is discouraged. Piggy plays a huge role in the novel; he is wise and has the potential and the right to be heard. Piggy in the novel was the reason that the boy had fire, he was picked on and his ideas were ignored because of the way he looked. Piggy was wise he had ideas such as making sundials and hats. Ideas like these could have really helped the boys in being successful in being rescued. Piggy was wise and the boys failed to recognize this. When Ralph was abandoned by the boys that wanted to join Jacks hunting tripe it was only Piggy, Simon, Samneric and a few littleuns. With such little people, Ralph and Piggy talked and Piggy was hears and finally recognized for his ideas and wisdom. Piggy has a lot of smart ideas that could be implemented. He can relate to the quote by John Quincy Adams because he doesn’t give up, even though he is alone, he finds a way to be heard. Scout Finch and Piggy are character that can relate to each other, and to the quote said by John Quincy Adams. Scout is a character that plays Atticus’ daughter. Scout is very smart for her age, and has many bright ideas. Although this is true her ideas are not as recognized as they should just because of her age, she is much wiser than she appears to but is not recognized for it. â€Å"We don’t write in the first grade, we print. You won’t learn to write until you’re in the third grade. (Lee 23). This shows that Scout truly does stand by her principles but she is not recognized for it. Scout respects her father very much, but even though this is true she still denies his judgments, if she believes it is the right thing to do. An example if this would be when the Sarum group visited Atticus Finch and threatened him, Scout, Jem and dill all came to protect him. Even though Atticus told his children to return home they stayed there, this ended up helping Atticus bypass the sarum group after all. Simon is a character in Lord of the Flies that portrays a mature and wise. Simon is very honest. When Simon is told that there is a â€Å"beastie† loose on the island he adventures off on his own. He comes across a hanging parachute and realized that, the parachute was the beastie all along. When Simon knew that there could not be such thing as a beastie, he searched for the truth. Simon shows that he stayed with his principles and was determined to find the truth. He does not keep this new found information to himself or only to Ralphs tribe but he tells both Ralph and Jacks tribe. He was honest and wants to make life on the island a lot easier for the boys. He was generous enough to tell the tribes, but it was too late because Jacks tribe was so paranoid about the beastie and that he accidentally killed Simon. Although Simon had died trying to help he kept his principles in mind Simon showed how determined he was to be honest and set his friends straight. The quote by John Quincy Adams can have a lot of themes to express one of those themes that I could tell is honesty. Miss Maudie is a character in To Kill a Mockingbird that plays an honest woman. When Scout asks Miss Maudie about Arthur Radley and if all the rumors about him are true, Miss Maudie sets her straight and gives her full and honest opinion about Arthur Radley (Lee 48). This shows that Miss Maudie shows her moral conscience by admitting to Scout her honest opinion. She is also standing by her principle and passing on her wisdom to Scout. She tells Scout to find the truth and not create rumors and gossip about something that is not for certain. Miss Maudie shows a great deal of respect to the people around her. She stood by her principle as John Quincy Adams said. The quote represents honesty and Miss Maudie is a good example of honesty. There are many relations between the two novels and the quote. The quote by John Quincy Adams â€Å"Always stand on your principle, even if you stand alone† has themes that do relate to the themes and character in the novel To Kill a Mockingbird and Lord of the Flies. Atticus Finch and Ralph both show there leader ship and determination, when times are tough they persevere and try their hardest to make things right. This shows how determined they are to stand by their principle. Also Piggy and Scout, there are two completely different characters that play the same role. They both have such great potential to be a more recognized character; even though they seem ignored they both stand by their principles and become recognized. Simon and Miss Maudie two completely different people yet so similar in the sense that they are honest to one another. Overall there are many comparisons between these two novels and that they both have themes and characters that relate to standing by your principle.

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Health Care Reform Essay -- Medical Medicine Essays

Health Care Reform INTRODUCTION Several years ago, health care reform was a hot political topic with President Bill Clinton's proposals to revolutionize medical health insurance. Even though his proposals didn't become law, sweeping changes are occurring within the health care system, particularly in regards to managed care health insurance and the reengineering of the hospital. The goals of these changes are to cut medical costs, make the delivery of health care more efficient, and to promote preventive medicine, health, and primary care. While these changes are positive in many ways, they are also creating concerns among both the health care consumer and provider. These changes must be managed to insure that high quality care remains at the forefront of medical care. MANAGED CARE HEALTH INSURANCE GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT Managed care plans are the fastest growing form of health insurance (Whigham-Desir, 1996). Sarah Glazer (1996) describes the concept of managed care: "The underlying principle of managed care is to keep the entire community healthy by providing preventive care, such as immunizations and mammograms, at little or no cost. In exchange for lower premiums, copayments and deductibles, the consumer agrees to see a limited group of physicians selected by the plan. The plan keeps costs down by limiting the consumer's access to expensive specialists and procedures." Since three-fourths of Americans receive health insurance through their employer, managed care plans are becoming increasingly popular as both employer and employee seek to decrease medical care costs (Whigham-Desir, 1996). Managed care has been around since the 1930s when HMOs were formed to promote preventive medicine among doctors (Sprag... ...s its moral power." Health care is one of the most important aspects of society, and with the change taking place, it is paramount that it is a managed change which will benefit everyone. Works Cited: Bennett Clark, Jane (1996, July). What you should ask your HMO. Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine. pp. 92-93. Glazer, Sarah (1996, April 12). Managed Care. CQ Researcher, 6, 313-336. Koop, C. Everett (1996, Fall). Manage with care. Time. pp. 69. Larson, Erik (1996, January 22). The soul of an HMO. Time. pp. 44-52. Shortell, Stephen M.; Gillies; Robin R.; & Devers, Kelly J. (1995, Summer). Reinventing the American hospital. The Milbank Quarterly. pp. 131-160. Spragins, Ellyn (1996, June 24). Does your HMO stack up? Newsweek. pp. 56-60. Whigham-Desir, Marjorie (1996, February). What to know about choosing an HMO. Black Enterprise. pp. 160-165.

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Analysis of a Job Advert and My Employability Skills Essay

Describe the qualifications required: GCSE A*-C standard English and Maths, this is essential because you need to be able to simple adding and English is a necessity because you need to be able to read and speak fluent English. To have a National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) Level 1 or 2 in customer service you can also have a food safety certificate. Describe the level of experience in a similar role required: To have a previous experience at least 1 year or 2 year in a quality restaurant or bar. Describe the level of experience in the industry required: N/A Describe the knowledge of goods and services required: To have good knowledge about the Restaurant and other department’s hotels. Describe the level of effectiveness in meeting personal and team targets required: Ensure that you have a high level of effectiveness in meeting personal and targets so that you are happy for the job and show appreciation to the job. Describe the level of ability to observe and raise professional standards required: The level of ability should be high because you will need to be able to show individual courtesy to customers for example if there is a bad product on the shelf you tell them immediately and they will get you a better product. Personal Skills Organisation Name: Frontline Role: Food and Beverage Assistant Describe the amount if patience required: Good interpersonal and customer facing skills, maintain professionalism, display patience and politeness within a busy environment are some of the skills required. Describe the level of hard work required: Candidates must be reliable, flexible and have a ‘can do’ attitude. You must have good attention to detail, ability to work within a close team and also work with minimal supervision. Describe the level of ability to work as part of a team: Candidates must show the ability to have an excellent work ethic and be part of a team as required. Describe the level of good interpersonal skills required: Interpersonal skills are essential when socialising with colleagues and friends. Interpersonal skills include everything from communication and listening skills to attitude and deportment. Describe the level of cooperation with line managers and colleagues required: Line managers play a vital role in businesses as their duties are to ensure that activities are planned and organised in their area that involve a significant risk to the health and safety of staff. Candidates must cooperate effectively to line managers at all times. Describe the level of negotiation in seeking agreement with customers required: Negotiation is essential with customers as potential candidates must be able to negotiate with customers effectively and try to provide the best prices as possible to the customer. Describe the attributes you already possess or expect to posess by the end of course: 1. I will develop the habit of meeting deadlines. 2. I will develop my planning skills in order to prioritise myself for my coursework deadlines. 3. I will try to participate in all team/group activities. 4. I will ensure to communicate effectively with my team mates 5. I will try to practice my presentational skills effectively. 6. I will try to develop my patience. 7. I will try to organise myself by bringing the right equipment to lessons. 8. I will time manage my work and try to ensure to hand all coursework in on time. 9. I will ensure to use my essay skills effectively 10. I will ensure problem solving skills are used to the best ability.

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Developing a Performance Appraisal System - 1112 Words

raisal System Developing a Performance Appraisal System HSM/220 January 9, 2011 Dr. Karen Beard Developing a Performance Appraisal System Development of a performance appraisal system that is effective in a human service organization is of benefit for the organization and the employees. For a performance appraisal system to be effective, the system has to be strategic, designed to fit the specific needs of the organization, non-discriminatory, non-bias, with correct implementation and administration. Many different components, must to be incorporated to make this type of system beneficial for all who use it, and all who are evaluated by the system. The purpose of a performance appraisal system is to receive accurate assessments†¦show more content†¦[ (Allen Rosenburg, 1981) ]. For each element needed for an effective performance appraisal system, have criteria to ensure its proper function. The element of overall policy, the criteria that should be present is clear measurable performance criteria, clearly stated and defined performance goals and objectives, information for the application and operation of the system, procedures to address employee performances, and information that identifies those covered by this system. The overall policy must meet regulatory requirements of the state, county, city, or federal laws. According to [5 CFR 430.209(a)]), Agency must also obtain approval prior to implementing changes that modify any element of the system subject to regulatory requirements. Criteria for performance appraisals is an appraisal free of bias, documented results on file, strategies implemented by development of performance measures, feedback, and information for an employee to maximize their performance. Rating factors, effectiveness, and results used to either terminate employees or identify those with potential for advancement. Criteria for communication are an open door policy between subordinates and supervisors, in a confidential area. Feedback is a form of communication from supervisors to employees, and the ability to be able to openly discuss performance and address any issues. Criteria for face-to-face,Show MoreRelatedDeveloping a Performance Appraisal System960 Words   |  4 PagesDeveloping a Performance Appraisal System Mary Colon Torres University of Phoenix HSM220 Harold Dobbins Developing a Performance Appraisal System An appraisal system may provide a Human Service organization in numerous of techniques. The main reason for effective appraisal can serve for development and administrative for an organization of Human service. From the viewpoint of the administrative the main reason of the appraisal presentation system can take in numerous of decisionRead MoreDeveloping a Performance Appraisal System1063 Words   |  5 PagesDeveloping a Performance Appraisal System Kimberly Garnett HSM/220 April 3, 2011 Developing A Performance Appraisal System In order for the design and administration of a performance appraisal system; to be effective; managers and employees must communicate on a regular basis. Allan and Rosenberg (1981) stated, â€Å"Performance appraisal system plays a number of roles in an organization that’s geared towards achieving the company’s goals and mission. Beginning at the corporate level, valuesRead MoreDeveloping a Performance Appraisal System Essay921 Words   |  4 PagesDeveloping a Performance Appraisal System Michelle D. Howard The Human Services Administrator Instructor: Mandy Sargeant Axia College of University of Phoenix February 12, 2009 Introduction A performance appraisal is a key element in organization and can be one of the greatest tools used to record employee production. Organizations can establish their goals and objectivities, while involving the employees in the process. Conducting a performance appraisal increases productivity and moraleRead MoreEssay on Hsm/220 Week 8 Developing a Performance Appraisal System859 Words   |  4 PagesDeveloping a Performance Appraisal System A performance appraisal is one of the most important factors in any organization and can be one of the greatest tools used to record employee production. Every organization has to have goals and objectives established and the employee has to be involved in this process. By conducting performance appraisal will improve productivity and also the morale of the employees. Appraisals areRead MorePerformance Management the Employee Appraisal Process992 Words   |  4 PagesJosephine Collins Performance Management the Employee Appraisal Process Human Resource Week 7 8 Mr. Ambroise Everest College of Dallas September 5, 2013 Performance Management is the process of creating a work environment in which people can perform to the best of their abilities in order to meet company goals. It is an entire work system that emanates from a company’s goals. The expectation of the company as follow are (1) The essential job functions the employee is expected to doRead MorePerformance Appraisal1499 Words   |  6 PagesPerformance Appraisal Systems and Succession Planning Dale Feekes Western Governor’s University Slide 1 Benefits of Performance Appraisal Systems Performance appraisal is considered to be an essential element of human resource management (HRM). Benefits of performance appraisal comprise improvement of communication amid the employees along with the management, encouragement of team work and greater ability of decision-making (Bigelow, 2013). Optimal Results of a Well-Prepared and Well-DeliveredRead MoreImportance of Performance Appraisal1271 Words   |  6 Pagesmanagers take the integrated approach known as Performance Management, to manage the performance, consisting of setting goals, training employees and then appraising and rewarding them (hrm). It can be explained as a process that consolidates goal setting, performance appraisal and development into single, common system, the aim of which is to ensure that the employee’s performance is supporting the strategic aims. (hrm book 315).. A performance management system would be only effective when the employeesRead MoreEssay on Performance Appraisal1528 Words   |  7 PagesPerformance appraisals are a major component of human resource management systems used by organisations to measure and manage what is considered to be the most valuable resource available to them; human capital. This report aims to evaluate the effectiveness of performance appraisals and its application to both the employer and its employees, taking into consideration various rationales for its implementation. This will be achieved through an in depth review of the concept of performance appraisalsRead MoreCharacteristics of an Ideal Appraisal System1330 Words   |  6 PagesIdeal Appraisal System Abstract To start with, a well-developed evaluation process is one that has the support of top administration within the organization and that is viewed as fair and productive by all who participate in them. It is very difficult to create a performance appraisal. It is also difficult if the organization does not have a logical, well-tested, step-by-step progress to follow in developing their new procedures. Therefore, there is no such thing as a perfect appraisal, however;Read MoreEssay on Employee Evaluation and Its Practice811 Words   |  4 Pagespractice it has used up until now to evaluate and reward its employees† (Farnham, 2013, p. 1). A performance appraisal and reward system should provide an evaluation of employees’ performance and motivation and â€Å"establishing a clear link between efforts and reward through formalized and specified individual targets† (Azzone, Palermo, 2011, p. 91). Types of performance appraisals include †¢ General Appraisal: This process includes â€Å"ongoing communication between the manager and employee throughout the

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Essay on The Depth of Emely Brontes Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights was written by Emily Bronte’, although she first published her novels under a gentleman’s name. Her famous novel has become a classic in English literature. It would be the least to say her imagination was quite impressive. Through her child imagination, Bronte’ and her siblings would write children stories. â€Å"Emily’s childhood created an imaginary nation, originating from the numerous poems devoted to the doings of the Gondals† (Bradner 129). The ‘Gondal’ poems they wrote inspired some of the fairly known novels. â€Å"The Gondals were written in her poetry as late as 1845† (Bradner 129). Wuthering Heights contains crossing genres, changing settings, multiple narrators, and unreliable narrators. Bonte’s techniques and ideals†¦show more content†¦At the time when Wuthering Heights was published, most readers trust their narrators. Readers would assume the truth was being communicated. Bronteà ¢â‚¬â„¢ even provides particular dictions for important characters that parallel with their personalities. Wuthering Heights was one of the first and more prominent known novels to use unreliable narrators. Nelly Dean, in Wuthering Heights, becomes one of the unreliable narrators. Nelly merely contemplates moral aspect and the moral consequences of the situation. She fails to provide Cathy with the truth and she may be consider quite misleading. Nelly Dean is not very trustworthy and readers may be drawn to see the unwinding of her deceitfulness. The Game of Thrones contains several promiscuous characters, as well. The Queen, Cersei, is a character who can be considered unreliable and especially untrustworthy. Cersei attempts to have as she desires at any cost. She becomes one of the most untrustworthy characters in Game of Thrones. The genres through both Wuthering Heights and Game of Thrones changes profusely. The love aspects through these novels are unbearable to become unnoticed. Wuthering Heights contains love for two men from starting with Catherine Earnshaw. The noted love flows down to their children. Catherine’s child, Young Cathy, also deals with this love and marriage turmoil. Throughout Game of Thrones, a series of marriages of take place. Some of the marriages were